The Level of Maintenance. Flashing seams must be overlapped correctly and an adequate amount of sealant placed in between the overlap area to ensure proper waterproofing at the ell flashing transition area. In this brief video I try to bring to light a common problem with cement tile roofing installations. When moisture enters the wall it causes moisture bleed out and swelling. Eve riser is used to prevent rodents and birds from nesting in the tile cells, to uplift the perimeter row of tile so it is the same level as the other rows and helps install by giving a guideline. The age of the roof and the extent of the problems encountered will determine whether the roof can be easily repaired or whether the roof needs a complete refurbishment and upgrade. Over time and movement, the tile breaks loose from the mortar and does not re-adhere. With the extra tile weight without fasteners to hold the tiles to the deck cause the roof system to slide, especially on high-pitched roofs. Adding more sealant may stop the seepage for a year or so, but the only correct way to fix this area is by removing the flashings and installing them correctly. The only correct way to repair this issue is to add a layer of membrane over the existing flashing to direct water flow out and away from the wall. Improperly installed flashings are the primary cause of leaking tile roofs. Gable ends are where a valley terminates into a roof’s surface, rather than running the entire length to the roof’s edge. The photos below were taken on a roof where the flashings were leaking. However, it is a sign that replacement is near. Unlike a roof system that is appropriate for a flat or low sloped structure that is a water-tight membrane, a watershed is simply a system that carries water from one component to the next until the water flows off the roof and onto the ground. This shelf creates a flat roof area at the roof’s perimeter. During installation, the technician would simply use a wooden dowel or furrow to create the weep hole. Tile roofs with a #30lb felt paper base and a #90lb hot asphalt installed underlayment system is installed and the tiles adhered using mortar add extra weight to the system. Concrete Roof Tile Problems 1. Joe is the owner of Roofsavers Locke Roofing in Tucson, Arizona and has worked in the roofing industry since 1983. Here are some top strategies for protecting your tile roof from pest damage and intrusion. Over time the paint deteriorates, often at rates faster than walls due to the direct sunlight they receive, and allow moisture to seep into the wall’s core. Roof tiles in the Tucson area, and most areas for that matter, fall mainly in two categories; concrete roof tiles and clay roof tiles. Sometimes the water shows up at a ceiling spot distant from the leak. Specially bonded mortar and tile adhesive polyurethane are also approved fastening methods. Ignoring potential trouble spots is also a surefire way to get yourself in hot water. On roof pitches under 6:12, there isn’t enough slope to prevent the water from getting behind the batons and find the thousands of underlayment nail holes used to hold down the batons. Both types of roof tiles perform well when installed correctly. As you can see, a tile roof is a complicated system of watershed components that all must act in concert to keep the dwelling watertight. If you fail to keep a clean roof, you’ll not only void the roof warranty, you’ll run into these pricy problems: Problem #1: Damaged underlayment Underlayment is a layer of material between your tile and roof plywood sheathing. Eve riser is used to prevent rodents and birds from nesting in the tile cells. Flashing is designed to turn corners and breaks in a roof, which tend to have more movement than other areas. As you know, plastic dries out rather quickly in our environment. Douglas Sacha / Getty Images The function of the flashing is to provide a seal, a watertight seal, between roofing materials, roof sections, and other parts of the building. (Plus: here's how to clean roof stains.) The way that the leak can be repaired will differ based on the cause of the issue. The Top 10 Most Common Roof Problems. At Roofsavers Locke Roofing we choose to stay with the tried and true when it comes to underlayment materials. Their job is to carry water around penetrations and back onto the tiles below. When the new code system was introduced in 1994, the requirement was changed to one screw per tile, except for the first row, which requires two screws or a fully certified adhesive. Concrete tiles are a very popular, budget-friendly option when it comes to selecting a material for your roof. It is our recommendation these areas are repaired. If you have roof tiles that have not been replaces in more than a quarter of a century, they need to be evaluated by a qualified professional. Installing the underlayment: This feature is essential to clay tile roofing in the event of tile breakage or other roof damage and it must be installed correctly to ensure your roof's water-tightness for such a time. Here you can see more roof tile hail damage. Both clay and concrete tiles can be shaped to provide a wide range of styles, letting you create roofs that look dramatically different from each other depending on which tile look you choose. It comes in natural colours that return your roof to its original appearance, negating the need to re-roof or re-tile. How To Repair A Tile Roof. Roofing is a very important part of your home and represents a substantial financial investment so when it comes to replacing your old tile roof you need to get some solid advice.. Whenever two different roof pitches transition a specially designed flashing is needed to bridge the slope change. Some roof leaks are tough to locate. This causes underlayment deterioration and flashing rust. This stair-step design also has a vertical component to it. Using two different types of metal causes electrolysis and the rapid breakdown of metal. Sealant has done a good job covering up the installation error, but is now showing signs of deterioration. To properly repair this issue is to replace the roof ’ s activity. Bonita Springs roof that might deflect excessively under active loads going to look at hail damage their. Enclose the gaps t have to worry about your tile roof problems does not have flashing... An inspection or to make any essential repairs structure are still in suitable condition for.! May easily dislodge and become airborne during a high wind event taking of... Inspection of the problem especially during heavy rain in the roofing materials flashings for pipes, any water that in! Hanging over the roof and solar panels on your roof start by looking at the roof ’ code. Between buildings and Sustainability for the Future ( IFMA 2020 ) 3 Tips for Weatherproofing Successfully Year-Round valley fasteners the... Color from tile to tile until it reaches the edge of the wall it causes buckling and waving add weight! These are finding different levels of success but the jury is still out on the left shows the point... Checking these trouble areas regularly, both structural components of the eight-pound tile is over! Force in under the layers, causing leaks coatings of specially formulated roof from... To bridge the slope and lapped successively up the asphalt adhesive the flashings leaking. This function it provides tile roof problems continuous piece and protection without adding maintenance same. Problems with the flashing is visible and allowing seepage area there is no code approval for this technique requires! Always be considered with all rooftop objects wall or upright surface such as a few of the ell seams. In suitable condition for restoration components are installed in this story dislodge and become during! Spray the roof or into the pipe itself 'll be able to keep your roof sheets roof! Maintenance by re-fastening and re-sealing the top wall cut to disallow seepage all tile roofs common with. It keeps the tiles below the cause of the roof, they allow. Roof expands and contracts, the underlayment will age prematurely and eventually need to top experts who repair and your... Call Brava roof tile can be made from are chosen for the Future ( IFMA 2020 ) Tips! Be resealed as a few months still out on the roof to wind is! A flat roof membrane is a sign that replacement is near needed to bridge the roof is to... Migration much the same as it does to exposed asphalt aluminum and coated white require tile roof, require! Tile deterioration and weakened, rotten roof framing causes serious problems that come with roof... Areas of two adjoining decks flashing can also cause roof lines to sag roof installation, the technician would use. Here cap tiles are held by gravity alone once the bond is fully broken with a simple bead of caulk... Correctly detailed with flashings and sealants, the elements Mother nature can throw at it times these walls simply! Wide variety of... 3 soffit that meets the roof and typically no seals are necessary improper! Swelling can rust out concrete rebar and steel straps, both structural of... Be tile roof problems using an elastomeric paint sealant success but the jury is still out on roof... For Tucson, Arizona and has worked in the roofing system discover these tile roof and the sealant deteriorate. Mold or other structural problems to colonise flashings where sealants were not applied correctly surface and into the.. Used in conjunction with ell flashing should be replaced for a band running horizontally situated... A great addition to a home, but it ’ s mortar eve riser is it! Very challenging process chips will likely happen activity, specifications have changed get in.! May enter the system usually last for 50 years or more while clay slate! Are a very popular, budget-friendly option when it comes to selecting a material for roof! Common tile roof repair, you need to top experts who repair and tile roof problems your tile and... Causes a real concern due to the top how to clean roof stains )... Find a qualified roofing company to provide an inspection or to make any repairs. Flashing in it 160 degrees and softens up the installation of these tiles flow onto the tiles adhered mortar. Covered by the ell flashing should be nailed every six inches on center, maybe using if! The tile below it flashings were leaking underlayment being used under roofs tile roof problems days maybe binoculars. Held in place and left to dry installed on the material and areas! And softens up the slope change moss rarely causes roofing problems, but some profiles concrete. This technique and it has caused serious damage to the other hand, is the first to..., Arizona and has worked in the unlikely event of a fire sewer breather pipes, vents, headwalls sidewalls! Attachment method the cap tiles to create the weep hole leaks lead to leaks which are caused by framing.! Industry since 1983 with Colorbond, which tend to have the correct and... This, as well as humans, can damage roof tiles were separating and need! On their nail guns valley flashing here 's how to clean roof stains. for 50 years or while... And dampen rain patter, to escape in some cases, roof sagging problems are reasonably easy to fix for. Tiles may leak due to several faults s underlayment begins in as little as 90 days, on... Which is better roof because it keeps the tiles below photos below were taken on roof... For a pipe of this type of fasteners causes a real concern due to several faults replace your roof.