About us

B2 works with consulting, education, coaching, technology, operational logistics, energy, and export and import. We act to achieve results such as reducing costs, improving level of service, productivity and quality, increasing sales, profitability and generating savings and sustainability for supply chain companies in a globalized manner.

Business Segments

  • PM Providers
  • Agro-Industry
  • Industries
  • Agribusiness
  • Logistics Operators
  • Transporters
  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors
  • Retailers
  • Construction Companies
  • Telecommunications
  • Power Plants
  • Public Sector
  • Other

Supply Chain:

Develop and offer together with our partners simple, intelligent, efficient and innovative solutions generating concrete results to customers, employees, leaders and members in companies supply chains in the national and international market.


■ Distribution

■ Financial Administrative

■ Human Resources

■ Information Technology (TI)

■ Logistics

■ Management / Strategic

■ Marketing

■ Production

■ Sales

■ Supplies and Purchasing

■ Supply-Chain


■ Open on site

■ In-Company on site


Coaching / People & Business

■ Leaders

■ Executives

Export / Import

■ Trading

■ Logistic and Customs Support

■ Legal, Accounting and Tax Support

Logistics Operation

■ Storage

■ Stocks

■ Load and Unload

■ Transport and Distribution

Technology and Automation


■ Supply Chain and Logistics Software


■ Routing

■ Tracking

■ Delivery Management and Control

■ Freight Management and Control

■ Fleet Management and Control

■ Mobile Solutions


■ Renewable Energy for Business

■ Energy Cogeneration Systems

■ Corporate Solar Energy

■ LED lighting



B2 Intelligent Solutions: company opened on december 07, 2007;

Partners and owners: Emmanuel Borges and Simone Borges

Intelligent Solutions for Supply-chain

December 2007 until currently:

  • Almost 50 costumers
  • More than 100 projects implemented and more 1,000 people trained
  • More than 200 implemented solutions in these projects

Dec 2000 to dez 2007: Emmanuel Borges - Partner of Other Consulting

  • Experiencies in project management and deployment in over 50 companies
  • More than 100 projects implemented and more 1,000 people trained
  • More than 300 solutions implemented in these projects

Professional Carrer - Emmanuel Borges:

Team involved in Solutions:

Emmanuel Borges:

  • Partner and Owner;
  • Degree in Electrical Engineering at the Federal University Of Uberlandia (UFU – MG);
  • Pos Graduation in Business Logistics at the University of the Triangle (UNITRI – MG);
  • Graduation in Business Administration and Master in Mechanical Engineering Incomplete;
  • More than 20 years experience: supply-chain, distribution & logistics consulting (over 18 years) and Electrical Engineering (almost 3 years);
  • Professor of modules related to "Supply-chain", Distribution & Logistics: MBA - ESAMC, MBA - Senai-FATESG, ABAD - School of Productivity, University of Distribution (UND), Courses and Training B2, LOG Brothers.

+ Team of consultants, teachers, professionals, partners and specialist market companies.